More trout stocked at Turtle River State Park

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department stocked another batch of rainbow trout into the Turtle River on Monday at Turtle River State Park.

According to Steve Crandall, park manager, Game and Fish stocked 700 rainbows averaging about a half-pound each. A third stocking tentatively is scheduled for sometime shortly before Memorial Day, Crandall said, and that will be it for this spring. A fourth stocking likely will occur about the third weekend in September after the river cools off a bit, Crandall said.

Trout stocked in Turtle River at TRSP

It’s time to go trout fishing.

That’s the word from Steve Crandall, manager of Turtle River State Park, who said the park this afternoon received 1,000 Shasta-strain rainbow trout averaging about a half-pound each. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department stocks rainbow trout in the Turtle River every spring and again toward fall if water levels permit. The fall stocking, when it occurs, generally includes larger rainbows.

Crandall said the river is low, so the fish should be easy to find. Hopefully some rain falls in the next couple of weeks so the park can get an additional 1,000 trout in early May, he added.

Turtle River State Park is located about 20 miles west of Grand Forks on U.S. Highway 2 near Arvilla, N.D.


Turtle River State Park gets new stocking of rainbow trout

Park manager Steve Crandall of Turtle River State Park near Arvilla, N.D., just emailed and said the park just got its last spring batch of rainbow trout this afternoon from the North Dakota Game and Fish Department. The park got about 1,500 rainbow trout weighing about a half-pound each, Crandall said — more than twice as many trout as usual — and no additional stocking is planned until late September once the Turtle River cools off.

“River is warming up fast, so we encourage folks to come catch ’em,” Crandall said in an email.

The park sells North Dakota fishing licenses and has a small variety of Berkeley Power Bait for sale at the Visitor Center, Crandall said. “Loaner” fishing rods also are available for anyone who needs one.