Grand Cities Bird Club Announces Christmas Bird Count Results

The common redpoll was among the most abundant species tallied during the 57th Grand Forks Christmas Bird Count on Dec. 17. Observers counted 574 common redpolls within the 15-mile-radius count circle, the Grand Cities Bird Club reported. (Photo by Ed Bry, North Dakota Game and Fish Department)

Observers tallied 52 bird species during the 57th Grand Forks-East Grand Forks Christmas Bird Count, the Grand Cities Bird Club said in reporting results from the Dec. 17 count. Three more species were observed during count week, bringing the total to 55.

This was the fifth time 50 or more species were recorded on count day, the Bird Club said in its report.

The most recent count drew 23 participants who went afield in 14 parties — four observers in two parties in Minnesota and 19 observers in 12 parties in North Dakota. Another 16 observers counted birds at their feeders.

Canada geese and rock pigeons were the two most abundant species in the count, and the most notable records observed during the count were fox sparrow, redhead duck, brown-headed cowbird and barred owl.

Observers tallied a total of 6,544 birds during count week within the 15-mile-radius count circle.

The complete report is available here.