Fun Wildlife Photos Brighten A Gray Monday Morning In Grand Forks

Some fun wildlife shots were in my email inbox this morning, and they’re too good not to share.

My favorite of the batch comes from Gary Lund, who shared this photo of a sharp-tailed grouse perched on the deck of his house east of Roseau, Minn., earlier this morning. The Santa bear Christmas ornament adds a perfect touch to the photo. Lund, who feeds the sharptails oil sunflowers throughout the winter, says he typically has about 15 of the prairie grouse in his yard.

“We’ve been feeding them for a number of years, and it’s comical” to watch, Lund said.

A sharptail perches near an ornamental Santa Bear on Monday morning, Dec. 18, at the Gary Lund residence near Roseau, Minn.


Another photo comes from Gary Olson of Grand Forks, who said at a recent Game and Fish Department meeting in Grand Forks that deer have been raiding the backyard bird feeder at his residence on 29th Avenue and Walnut Street.

And as this trail camera photo shows, some of those deer are downright respectable.

“My neighbor said he had a older trail cam at the lake, and he would bring it home,” Olson writes in an email. “So, for the past couple of nights I put it out, and had several does on it, and one spike buck. (Sunday) morning I had this nice 5×5 at 5:19 a.m.

“Just thought your readers would enjoy seeing it.”

A whitetail buck visits a bird feeder at the Gary Olson residence in Grand Forks.

Maggie and Tom Gerszewski of Minto, N.D., shared several photos of a great horned owl perched on one of the homemade tomato cages in their yard.

Initially, they took some photos from an inside window but then stepped outside to get some better photos.

Judging by the photos, the owl wasn’t the least bit camera shy.

Great horned owl near Minto, N.D.

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