It’s ‘Go Time’ For Ice Fishing On Lake Of The Woods As Winter Season Gets Rolling

Early ice fishing reports from Lake of the Woods indicate the walleye and sauger action is good. (Brad Dokken photo)

If you’ve been chomping at the bit to hit the ice on Lake of the Woods, you’re in luck.

The wait is almost over.

Gary Moeller of Ballard’s Resort near the mouth of the Rainy River emailed this morning and said it’s “green light” time.

And when it comes to ice fishing on Lake of the Woods, “green” means “go.”

Ballard’s will be running the first trips through its rental houses on Tuesday, Moeller said, which is even earlier than they had predicted last week. Ice conditions are steadily improving with the recent  snap of colder weather.

As for the fishing, Moeller said the resort workers who have tested the waters to date have reported very good fishing on their scouting runs. If the fishing’s poor, they’ll say as much, so when Moeller tells me the fishing’s good, I tend to listen.

Some resorts already have been on the ice for a couple of days, and Lake of the Woods Tourism said the initial fishing reports are “nothing short of excellent” across the south shore and the Northwest Angle.

It’s still early, though, so anyone planning to make the trip should work through resorts or outfitters and be sure to stay on the marked trails. Adrian’s Resort, which maintains an access road in the Wheeler’s Point and Pine Island area, is allowing ATVs, snowmobiles and side-by-side vehicles onto the lake. On its Facebook page, Adrian’s said there’s 8½ to 10 inches of ice in the area of Four-Mile Bay they cross to reach pine Island, and there’s 10½ to 12 ½ inches on the lake, where the trail is marked out to about 25 feet of water, the resort said.