Take It From A Dad Who Knows, Local Rivers Provide Great Fall Family Fishing Opportunities

Many outdoors enthusiasts shift from fishing to hunting in the fall, but those who don’t hang up their tackle often experience some of the best fishing of the season.

Dan Konickson of Red Lake Falls, Minn., shared some photos of his daughter, Adley, 5, and son Max, 9, fishing the Red Lake River. The kids love fishing Lake of the Woods in the summer, Konickson writes, but when the boat gets pulled home for the fall, the family switches gears and fishes the Red Lake River.

As the photos below show, the kids have a blast.

“I just think that sometimes the local rivers are overlooked later in the year,” Konickson writes.  “In these pictures, the bass and suckers were putting up a heck of a fight. So I think this time of year is a great time to grab a worm, frog or Mr. Twister and get the kids down to a local river and try their luck.

“You never know what you might catch.”

He’s absolutely right, and that’s just one of the many beauties of river fishing. Here are some recent photos of the Konickson kids on the Red Lake River:

The look on 5-year-old Adley’s face as she reels in a fish pretty much says it all.
Adley, 5, and Max, 9, wait for a bite on the Red Lake River.
Fall colors are a bonus for anglers who fish local rivers this time of year.
Adley, 5, watches her dad, Dan Konickson, as he plays a fish during a recent family outing on the Red Lake River.
Adley, 5 (left), and older brother Max, 9, try their luck on the Red Lake River.