Department Of Natural Resources Expands Managed Deer Areas (Up To 2 Deer) In Northwest Minnesota

Deer hunters in several permit areas of far northwest Minnesota will be able to use any combination of licenses to shoot up to two deer this fall.

The deer management designations are outlined in the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ 2017 deer season map available here.

In far northwest Minnesota, the only deer permit areas not designated as Managed Deer Areas (up to two deer) are 260, 203 and 208, where Hunter Choice regulations and a one-deer limit of  either sex is in effect.

Farther south, much of western and southwestern Minnesota permit areas remain designated as Lottery Deer Areas, where hunters only can take an antlerless deer if they enter the lottery and receive an antlerless permit.

Minnesota’s firearms deer season opens Nov. 4 and continues through Nov. 12 in 200- and 300-series permit areas and continues through Nov. 19 in 100-series permit areas in the northeast part of the state.

Muzzleloader season begins Nov. 25 and continues through Dec. 10.

Also this fall as a result of bills passed during the 2017 legislative session, the rules governing portable stands and ATVs have been relaxed on several northwest Minnesota wildlife management areas. From Nov. 1 through Dec. 31, licensed deer hunters can leave portable stands overnight on WMA lands, providing they affix a tag with their name, address and driver’s license or Minnesota DNR license number.

The hunting license fee increase lawmakers approved late in the season doesn’t go into effect until next year.

For specifics on the ATV and stand regulations, check out the 2017 Minnesota Hunting and Trapping Regulations guide.