UND Offering Five Archery Deer Tags At Forest River Site

The UND-owned Forest River Field Station is operated as a wildlife management area, and five archery deer permits will be available on the lands again this fall. (North Dakota Game and Fish Department photo)

UND again this fall is opening its Forest River (N.D.) Field Station to five archery deer hunters.

In 2013, UND partnered with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department to establish the Forest River station as a wildlife management area. The station is about 35 miles northwest of Grand Forks and includes 160 acres of forest attractive to white-tailed deer.

Deer can have a negative impact on regeneration of native plants and other wildlife if they become overly abundant. UND personnel will monitor deer numbers on the site and adjust hunting opportunities accordingly.

Similar to the past three years, five archery hunters will be selected by lottery to access the Forest River site for the bow season. Selected hunters will have the opportunity to hunt a riparian area without competition from other bow hunters.

In 2016, one out of five hunters harvested a deer on the site, and in 2015, two out of five took a deer.

The deadline to apply for the archery lottery is July 21, and successful applicants must buy a regular archery license from the North Dakota Game and Fish Department to shoot a buck. Hunters also must complete a post-season questionnaire about their hunting experience on the UND land.

The archery deer season starts at noon Sept. 1 and closes Jan. 8. To apply, potential hunters should send a letter of interest, including contact information, to Jay Boulanger, Department of Biology, Deer Permit, Starcher Hall, 10 Cornell St., Stop 9109, Grand Forks ND 58202-9019.