Grand Forks Homeowner Makes Pleasant Discovery Of A Cardinal Nest In Her Yard

Cardinals are becoming more abundant in Grand Forks and across the region, and Joanna Pearson was pleasantly surprised  Saturday to discover a pair nesting in the bottom branch of an evergreen tree in her yard on Ninth Avenue North.

Pearson says she found the nest trimming her pine trees and was  able to get photos of the adults and the babies.

The young cardinals don’t rival their parents for beauty — yet — but Pearson says they sure have been fun to watch. Her little maltepoo, Elliott, even went up to one of the little birds, “tail wagging and just sniffed and watched,” Pearson said.

“Priceless! (once my heart stopped pounding),” she said.

Here are some of the photos Pearson shared of the parents and one of the cardinal babies.

Male cardinal photographed by Joanna Pearson.
Female cardinals are less colorful than their male counterparts. (Joanna Pearson photo)
One of the baby cardinals from the nest Joanna Pearson of Grand Forks discovered Saturday in her back yard. (Joanna Pearson photo)