Grand Forks Peregrine Banding Set For June 12, Crookston Taxidermist Wins More Awards And Forks Builders And Traders Take 68th Fishing Trip

A few outdoorsy nuggets of note on this June Monday morning:

Peregrine banding set for June 12

Licensed bander and raptor expert Tim Driscoll of Grand Forks bands a peregrine falcon chick in 2015 below the UND water tower. (Photo/ Brad Dokken)

The annual peregrine banding event at the UND Water Tower is scheduled for 1 p.m. next Monday, June 12, below the water tower adjacent to Starcher Hall, located at 10 Cornell St. on the UND campus.
Licensed bander and raptor expert Tim Driscoll of Grand Forks, who closely follows the comings and goings of peregrine parents Marv and Terminator, said he’s been able to count three peregrine chicks in the nest.
Also Monday, Driscoll plans to band the peregrine chick — or chicks — in Crookston at 9 a.m.. This is the first year peregrines have been documented as nesting in Crookston.
Generally, Driscoll tries to band the peregrine chicks when they’re about 21 days old, give or take a few days. They fledge when they’re 28 days to 30 days old, he said, and there’s more of a risk of the chicks jumping and flying once they approach the 28-day mark.
Driscoll said he’s banded 26 peregrine chicks in Grand Forks since 2008, the first year Terminator nested in Grand Forks. She first nested atop the old Smiley Water Tower, where the Grand Forks nest box was installed in 2005.
Terminator nested in the Smiley box in 2008 and 2009, and the nest box was moved to the UND water tower Smiley was torn down. Terminator has nested in the UND box since 2010.
Seven of the 26 peregrine chicks he has banded are known to have perished, Driscoll said.
The peregrine banding has grown into a popular event in the past couple of years and routinely draws about 70 people to watch Driscoll band the birds, which are retrieved by expert climbers and returned to the nest when banding is complete.
Driscoll and others who band peregrines names the chicks because it’s easier to remember a name than a band number. Last year, Driscoll named one of the chicks Marilyn after longtime Herald columnist Marilyn Hagerty.

Crookston taxidermist wins more awards

Nick Genereux, owner of Outdoor Addictions Taxidermy from Crookston Minnesota is pictured with a customer bear mount and a few of the awards it won this spring. (Submitted photo)

Crookston taxidermist Nick Genereux, featured several weeks ago in a Herald Sunday Outdoors section after winning Minnesota Taxidermist of the Year honors, recently landed more recognition, this time at the Worst Taxidermy Championship in Peoria, Ill.
Genereux, owner of Outdoor Addictions Taxidermy in Crookston, brought his award-winning customer bear mount to the Peoria show, where it won a first place ribbon in the professional division and was the highest-scoring bear in the show.
The bear mount also helped Genereux win the fifth place overall Professional Competitor’s award for the highest scoring total combined four mounts. Genereux’s  life size otter took first place also, and his whitetail deer and life size fisher both took second place honors.
The Peoria show had nearly 500 mounts, Genereux said, with hundreds of taxidermists attending from all over the world. It was his first time attending the biennial World Taxidermy Championship.
Earlier this spring, Genereux took home top honors at the Minnesota Taxidermy competition, winning Judges Choice Masters Best of Show and Minnesota Taxidermist of the Year, plus several other major awards.

Forks Builders and Traders take 68th fishing trip

The Grand Forks Builders and Traders Exchange recently took its 68th fishing trip, which in recent years has taken the crew to Ameson’s Obabikon Bay Camp on Lake of the Woods near Morson, Ont. According to Pat Heffernan of the Builders and Traders, 34 people made this year’s trip, which is down slightly from past years.
“We finally hit a trip with no rain and nice temps,” Hefferman said.
The group during the annual trip holds a fishing derby in honor of George Gardner, a longtime Builders and Traders member and trip organizer who died in 2008 after making his final trip to Obabikon in 2007 at the age of 93.
Fish winners in this year’s 10th annual George Gardner Memorial Fishing Tournament were as follows:
Walleye: Bill Stauss, Grand Forks, 29 inches; Pat Heffernan, Grand Forks, 25¾ inches; Gary Christan, Fargo, 25½ inches; Mac Johnson, Grand Forks, 25 inches; Brian Harris, Grand Forks, 25 inches.
Northern pike: Mike Peterson, Grand Forks, 33½ inches; Jim Kasprick, Grand Forks, 31 inches.
Perch: Clint Rodningen, Grand Forks, 12½ inches; Steve Wasvick, Grand Forks, 12½ inches.

In addition, Dan Kuski of Grand Forks landed a 40-inch muskie on a jig, Hefferman said.