North Dakota Game Wardens Association Facebook Page Worth A ‘Like’

I received an email this week from Peter Miley, social media representative for the North Dakota Game Wardens Association, to give me a heads-up that the group now has a Facebook page.

I checked it out, and the page is definitely worth a “like” if you’re a hunter, angler or outdoors enthusiast of any kind in North Dakota.

The page is rich in updates and info on outdoors happenings, including this weekend’s Free Fishing Weekend in North Dakota. Saturday and Sunday (June 3-4), North Dakota residents can fish for free without a license. All other fishing laws apply, of course.

Another posting features a list of North Dakota vendors selling electronic licenses for hunters and anglers who prefer to go to a store instead of going online to get their licenses.

Wednesday, June 7, is the deadline to apply for North Dakota’s deer license lottery, and the Facebook page includes a flow chart showing who is eligible for a landowner gratis tag. As Miley said, the gratis info has been a hot topic lately with the limited number of available deer licenses and also helps wardens by getting the public watching for people who shouldn’t have tags but somehow slip through the cracks.

Here’s the gratis tag flow chart:

You can check out the Facebook page yourself here. It’s definitely worth a look — and a like.