New Buoy Monument Commemorates The Northwest Angle, The Northernmost Point Of The Lower 48

Joe Laurin shared this photo of the new monument at the Northwest Angle.

Next time the road takes you to the Northwest Angle on Lake of the Woods, make sure to stop by Young’s Bay, where a newly erected monument commemorates this northernmost point of the Lower 48.

Northwest Angle resident Joe Laurin shared this photo of the monument, which resembles a large buoy and is patterned after the buoy icon in Key West, Fla. The Northwest Angle marker is located between Jerry’s Restaurant and Young’s Bay Resort.

The Lake of the Woods County Board sponsored the project, Laurin said, and the Northwest Angle Edge Riders snowmobile club coordinated the effort. The Ladies Adventure Society on the Northwest Angle chose the buoy color, Laurin said.

Pictured next to the new buoy monument are Logan Goulet, Adley Goulet, Jojo Goulet, Emma Goulet, Katie Carlson, Ava McKeever. Leaders Sara Magoon and Bre Gjovik painted the buoy, Laurin said.

For more information on the Northwest Angle area, check out the Northwest Angle and Islands Chamber of Commerce website.