Kvalevog To Guide Lieutenant Governor In Governor’s Fishing Opener

A couple of outdoorsy nuggets for you on this Friday:

Toby Kvalevog, a UND goalie in the 1990s, will guide Lt. Gov. Yvonne Prettner Solon during the May 10 Minnesota Governor’s Fishing Opener in the Brainerd Lakes Area. A Bemidji High School grad, Kvalevog is an eighth-grade physical education teacher at Forestview Middle School in Brainerd also is a fishing guide. Ray Gildow, a renowned fishing guide in the Brainerd area, will guide Gov. Mark Dayton for the Governor’s Opener event.

And this item from the online syndicated Fishing Wire:

The Minnesota state Senate on Monday approved a measure that would rename the undesirable Asian carp to “invasive carp.” It’s a response to concern that the current term casts people from Asian cultures in a negative light.

Senators added the proposal to a larger bill that governs Minnesota natural-resource use. The legislation will return to the Minnesota House, where it passed earlier this month without the name change.

Champlin, Minn., Democrat John Hoffman said on the Senate floor that referring to the fish as “Asian” was hurtful to some people.