Deer Feeding Effort Winding Down In Northeast Minnesota

The Minnesota Deer Hunters Association announced Thursday that Saturday will be the last day for distributing deer feed in northeast Minnesota.

The snow has melted steadily during the recent warm-up, MDHA said, and the need for providing supplemental food for the deer has passed.

While the feeding effort is winding down, MDHA said the same amount of feed will be available Saturday as in previous weeks, and everyone feeding deer should continue to feed through the following week until all feed supplies are gone.

MDHA also provided some preliminary stats on this winter’s deer-feeding campaign:

Nearly 1,000 volunteer feeders.

More than 1,000 feeding sites in the 13 approved zones.

Approximately 15,000 deer fed each week.

528 tons of feed purchased.

Nearly $200,000 spent on feed and shipping/handling.

Eight local MDHA chapters, one rod and gun club and one snowmobile club participated in organizing distributions.

And (best of all) …

One long winter and one very welcome spring!

Final numbers will be available after June 30 through MDHA’s report to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the group said.