DNR Launches Eagle Nest Webcam

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has launched a streaming live video of a nesting bald eagle pair in the Twin Cities.

The webcam is available at www.webcams.dnr.state.mn.us/eagle. In a news release, DNR officials said they believe it’s the same pair of eagles that used the nest last year. Those eggs failed to hatch because they were laid too early and froze.

This year, the DNR said the female eagle has laid two eggs in the past five days.

“We’re excited they came back, and grateful that they’ve waited until a little later in the season to lay their eggs,” Lori Naumann, DNR nongame specialist, said in a news release. “With the thaw this week, we’re really hoping the birds will be more successful this year.”

The DNR is withholding the exact location of the nest to prevent it from drawing crowds that might disrupt the eagles.

The eagle camera was paid for by DNR’s nongame wildlife program, which is largely funded by donations, especially those made when Minnesotans file their state income taxes. Located on Line 21 of the Minnesota income tax form, the option to donate to the nongame program often is referred to as the “chickadee check-off.”