DNR Closing Northwest Minnesota Wolf Season At End Of Today

The 2014 wolf hunting and trapping season in northwest Minnesota closes at the end of shooting hours today, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources just announced.

By Thursday night, hunters and trappers had taken 86 wolves, three short of the northwest wolf zone’s harvest target. DNR officials called for the closure anticipating that the target harvest would be met by the end of today.

Wolf hunting and trapping continues in the east-central wolf zone for anyone with a valid license. The late season in the east-central zone is scheduled to end on Friday, Jan. 31, or whenever the target harvest is expected to be met, whichever comes first.

As of today, hunters and trappers had harvested five wolves in the east-central zone during the late season.

The late wolf season closed in the northeast zone on Dec. 18; hunters killed 37 wolves. During the early hunting season, which concluded Nov. 25, hunters took 32 of 33 wolves in the northeast; 56 of 73 wolves in the northwest; and no wolves in the east-central zone.

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2 Responses

  1. Priscilla Bloomquist

    Dear Brad, please stop calling the wolf season a harvest. You harvest grain and vegetables. Wolves are killed. They are warm blooded, family animals who nurture and raise their young like all mammals. When they are murdered, the family is broken up, and they grieve like other families. This is not a harvest.
    Do we really have that many extra wolves who have come back from near-extinction, that we can kill 86 of them just in NW Minnesota??

  2. arlen

    Wow what planet did you fall off from. Wolfes kill and mame just for sport also. They do not eat all of what they kill. How would you feel if your dog turned up missing and you found what was left of it. There not the cute little furr balls there made out to be. You need to come out here and see what thoes killing machines are realy like.

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