Not Enough Ice For Larger Vehicles – Yet

Despite the cold weather, it looks like it’s going to be at least a few more days before larger lakes in the region have enough ice to safely support larger vehicles.

On Upper Red Lake, Rogers’ on Red on the south shore reported this morning on its Facebook page that it won’t be allowing anything heavier than snowmobiles and ATVs onto the lake yet this weekend. West Wind Resort on the east side of the lake near Waskish, Minn., posted a similar report Tuesday. The ice depth is averaging 9 to 10 inches, according to West Wind, which isn’t considered enough to support larger vehicles.

No doubt last week’s heavy snow has slowed the ice making process.

Sportsman’s Lodge on Lake of the Woods sent an email update this afternoon, reporting that Adrian’s Resort, which maintains the ice road out of Four-Mile Bay, was finding 7¾ to 9 inches of ice on the bay and 10 to 12½ inches on the lake north of Pine Island. Only ATVs and snowmobiles are being allowed for now, and it will probably be another week or so before roads are opened to trucks, Sportsman’s reported.

Woodland Resort on Devils Lake reported Tuesday that it was finding “quite a bit” of 12-inch ice on Creel Bay and was starting to put rental houses onto the ice. Mark Bry of Bry’s Guide Service, who mainly fishes the East Bay and East Devils Lake areas, said he was finding many areas with 8 to 10 inches of ice, with less in places.

As for the fishing, the report from all three lakes is pretty much the same: Good.