Dike Repair At Roseau River WMA Will Limit Access On Pool 2

A slump in the Pool 2 dike at Roseau River Wildlife Management Area in northwest Minnesota will limit access for waterfowl hunters as the Department of Natural Resources lowers water levels in the pool to conduct repairs.

The DNR sent out a news release this morning saying a weak spot in the dike was discovered Sept. 3. Emergency repairs have temporarily stabilized the slump, but the DNR expects repair work will continue throughout the fall.

Pool 2 will remain open to public hunting, but water levels are 2 feet below normal and will stay that way to facilitate dike repairs.

That presents a mix of good and bad. While the lower water levels are attractive to ducks and geese using the pool, access to certain portions of the pool will be challenging.

“Boaters will be able to get down the borrow ditch adjacent to the dike,” Randy Prachar, wildlife supervisor for the Roseau River WMA, said in the news release. “The difficulty will be navigating the lower water levels in the bays of the pool.”

Prachar suggests waterfowl hunters consider lightening up their gear, bring a push pole and oars and be aware that using an outboard motor in the bays will be difficult.

Hunters should call the WMA office at (218) 463-1130 for updated information on the condition of Pool 2 and for general hunting information.

On the Web: mndnr.gov/wmas.