That’s One Big Elk!

Big news – literally – this past weekend from Kittson County, where Brad Penas of Moorhead bagged a massive bull elk in Caribou Township near the Roseau County line. According to Susan Lieberg, who sent me a photo Sunday night of Penas with the elk, the bull weighed 820 pounds field-dressed and had a raw score of 424.

Brad Penas of Moorhead shot this bull elk Saturday, the opening day of Minnesota’s elk season in Kittson County. According to Susan Lieberg, who submitted the photo, the elk weighed 820 pounds field-dressed, and the rack had a raw score of 424 inches.

A Greenbush, Minn., native, Penas was one of two hunters to draw elk tags for the early season in the Caribou area, which abuts the Manitoba border and is known for producing big animals. Lieberg said Penas is staying at their cabin, and shot the elk Saturday, the first day of the early elk season in Kittson County. The Department of Natural Resources offered 23 elk tags in Kittson County this year, split between Sept. 14-22, Sept. 28-Oct. 6, Dec. 7-15 and Jan. 11-19. No tags were offered in the Grygla, Minn., area this year because elk populations were below DNR goals.

I plan to talk with Penas later this week to get more details about the impressive bull. Stay tuned.