N.D. Game And Fish Announces Results Of Deer Gun Lottery

If you applied for a tag in North Dakota’s deer gun lottery, the moment of truth has arrived.

The state Game and Fish Department announced this morning that it has completed the lottery, and results are available on the department’s website at gf.nd.gov.

No buck licenses remain after North Dakota’s first deer gun lottery but more than 3,200 antlerless tags are available in a handful of hunting units.

There’ll be plenty of hunters relegated to the sidelines this year. The department offered only 59,500 rifle tags this year, a drop of 5,800 from last year and the lowest number since 1982.

In a news release, the department said 44,000 applicants were unsuccessful in drawing a tag.

Still, more than 3,200 antlerless deer tags remain in a handful of units across the state. Not surprisingly, no tags remain for northeast units such as 2B and 2C.

Only resident applicants who didn’t draw a tag in the first lottery can apply for remaining licenses. Game and Fish will offer online applications Aug. 7 and will mail paper applications to prospective hunters Aug. 12.

The deadline to apply is Sept. 4.

Here’s a look at the tags remaining and units where they’re available.

2K2: 57 any antlerless.

3E2: 331 antlerless whitetail.

2L: 125 any antlerless.

3F1: 276 any antlerless.

3B3: 148 antlerless whitetail.

3F1: 501 antlerless whitetail.

3C: 248 antlerless whitetail.

3F2: 349 any antlerless.

3E1: 239 antlerless whitetail.

3F2: 661 antlerless whitetail.

3E2: 33 any antlerless.

4F: 311 antlerless whitetail.


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    1. You’d have to go on the Game and Fish website at gf.nd.gov to determine that. A tab that says “View results” should be the first thing you see on the home page. Click that and follow the steps. If you didn’t draw a tag, you’ve got plenty of company this year.

  1. joseph O'Meara

    I applied for the deer lottery on May 27 my check was cashed on June 17th, when I check on my results it says that they did not receive an application. I wonder how this is possible?

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