N.D. Drops Fisher Trapping Quota

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department announced today that it will revise the fisher trapping season this fall by replacing the quota system with a limited season and no quota.

The season begins Nov. 25 and ends Dec. 1 and is limited to traps and cable devices. There’s a limit of one fisher per person.

Game and Fish relaxed the regulation in response to continued expansion of fisher numbers in eastern North Dakota. Members of the weasel family, fishers prefer forested habitat and have found wooded riparian areas along the Red River and its tributaries to their liking.

The inaugural fisher season in 2011 featured a quota of 10, which was filled in a matter of days. Game and Fish expanded the quota to 15 last year, which also was reached in short order.

Game and Fish also announced season dates for other small game and furbearer species. Again this year, prairie chicken and sage grouse seasons will be closed because of low populations.

In a news release, Game and Fish said states this year can offer a possession limit of three times the daily bag limit for most migratory birds. The state’s waterfowl season will be limited to residents from Sept. 21-27, while nonresidents will be allowed to hunt waterfowl beginning Sept. 28.

The department will finalize other waterfowl season details in mid-August. Hunters should refer to the 2013-14 Small Game and Furbearer guides, which will be available in mid-August, for further details on the small game and furbearer seasons.

For those of you counting the days until fall, here’s a look at season dates:

Crows (fall): Aug. 10-Oct. 20; no limit.

Early Canada goose: Aug. 15-Sept. 15 (Sept. 7 Missouri River Zone); 15 daily, 45 in possession.

Mountain lion Zone 1 early (zone quota 14): Aug. 30-Nov. 24 (or when zone quota is reached); season limit of one per hunter.

Mountain lion Zone 1 late (zone quota 7): Nov. 25-March 31 (or when zone quota is reached); season limit of one per hunter.

Mountain lion Zone 2: Aug. 30-March 31; season limit of one per hunter.

Doves: Sept. 1-Oct. 30; limit 15 daily, 45 possession.

Hungarian partridge: Sept. 14-Jan. 5; three daily, 12 possession.

Sharp-tailed grouse: Sept. 14-Jan. 5; three daily, 12 possession.

Ruffed grouse: Sept. 14-Jan. 5; three daily, 12 possession.

Tree squirrels: Sept. 14-Jan. 5; four daily, 12 possession.

Sandhill crane (Unit 1): Sept. 14-Nov. 10; three daily, nine possession.

Sandhill crane (Unit 2): Sept. 14-Nov. 10; two daily, six possession.

Snipe: Sept. 14-Dec. 1; eight daily, 24 possession.

Woodcock: Sept. 21-Nov. 4; three daily, nine possession.

Tundra swan: Sept. 28-Dec. 29; season limit of 1 per hunter.

Pheasants: Oct. 12-Jan. 5; three daily, 12 possession.

Weasel trapping: Oct. 26-March 15.

Mink, muskrat trapping: Oct. 26-April 30.

Fisher trapping: Nov. 25-Dec. 1; season limit of one per trapper.