Delta Installs Live Duck Cam At Pintail Nest Near Egeland, N.D.

OK, this is just cool.

Pintail 004 on her nest near Egeland, N.D.

Conservation and research group Delta Waterfowl has set up a live camera at the site of a duck nest near Egeland, N.D., north of Devils Lake.

As part of a sponsorship with outdoor apparel maker Sitka Gear, Delta staff set up the camera May 16. The star of the show is “Pintail 004,” and she has eight eggs, which should hatch in about 10 days providing no marauding predator finds the nest.

As of noon today, Pintail 004 was roosting comfortably on the nest, but the odds are against her, Delta officials say. Previous Delta research in the area has shown nest success to be about 5 percent.

“In my opinion, what takes place on the breeding grounds of the Prairie Pothole Region — exactly what it takes to make a nest, raise ducklings and avoid predators — is a complete mystery to most people,” Joel Brice, Delta’s vice president of conservation, said in a news release. “The thought has always been that, if we could just bring people here to see it for themselves, they’d be more passionate about the support they give to wildlife. Through this unique project, we can do that.”

Delta plans to relocate the camera to another viable nest once the fate of Pintail 004’s nest is determined, whether it’s destroyed, abandoned or hatches. Because various duck species nest at different times throughout spring and into summer, the Delta Duck Cam could potentially last through July.

To check out Pintail 004, click here.