Greenway Cross-country Skiing Update

A column I wrote back in January complaining about the lack of snow proves once again you have to be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

We’ve got snow, more is on the way, and it doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. That’s a far cry from this weekend last year, when temperatures across the region soared into the 70s, and the weather seemed more like late May than mid-March.

The about-face in our snowfall fortunes is good news for cross-country skiing enthusiasts, snowmobilers and others who don’t mind the ground covered in white.

Just this morning, officials from the Grand Forks Greenway sent out a news release saying the  cross-country skiing season along the Greenway trails isn’t over yet. Plans were scrapped to groom the trails from Riverside Dam to 47th Avenue South this morning because of the wind, but looking for grooming to occur once the snow stops falling this weekend.

Meanwhile, here are cross-country ski access points for the Greenway trails:

Riverside Dam parking lot (just off Red Dot Place).

West parking lot in Riverside Park.

Seventh Avenue North access.

The lower parking lot north of the Sorlie Bridge downtown.

Lincoln golf clubhouse.

Elmwood access.

Sunbeam access.

47th Avenue South.

Trail in Lincoln Drive Park is available again with a skate-ski trail, too.

For more information on cross-country skiing, and other recreational opportunities in the Greenway, go to or