Up-close-and-personal Owl Encounter

Dean Strand of Portland, N.D., emailed this picture of a great-horned owl he photographed after it got inside his chicken enclosure last Saturday, and I thought the photo was worth sharing.

Dean Strand of Portland, N.D., photographed this none-too-happy-looking great horned owl after it got inside his chicken enclosure.

Here’s how Strand describes the encounter:

“Last Saturday morning I came outside to find this thief inside my chicken enclosure. He had decapitated two of my birds and then realized he could not find his way out. I thought of owl stew, but I released him.

“There was a small opening in the upper corner he found. I used to see him high in the dead tree numerous times and my chickens would roost outdoors in the pen at night. I’m sure he landed on the kennel above the birds and noticed the small opening, just couldn’t find his way out. He was quite annoyed when I took the picture.

“My chickens are locked up for the winter after this episode.”