‘Fun Day Pheasant Hunt’ Is Saturday In Finley, N.D.

If you’re a pheasant hunter in need of a place to hunt Saturday, the wildlife club in Finley, N.D., is offering free pheasant hunting opportunities as part of its inaugural “Fun Day Pheasant Hunt.” The only requirement is that every group of hunters bring at least one person younger than 17 years old to enjoy the experience.

Registration will be from 6 to 10 a.m. in the American Legion in Finley, where hunters will receive a map showing the areas open to hunting. There’ll be a free continental breakfast followed by a free supper Saturday night, also at the legion.

The Finley Wildlife Club, one of the more active of its kind in the region, will be releasing 200 pheasants today in a six- township area surrounding Finley. Hunters must follow North Dakota Game and Fish Department laws and licensing requirements.

Some of the pheasants will be banded, and hunters who shoot a banded bird will be eligible for merchandise and cash prizes. Registration isn’t required, but hunters who don’t register will not be eligible for prizes.

For more information, contact Brian Tuite of the wildlife club at (701) 789-0930.