State Farm Puts N.D. 11th, Minnesota Sixth In Odds Of Hitting A Deer

North Dakota ranks 11th nationally in the odds of motorists running into a deer, State Farm insurance company reported today.

That’s unchanged from last year, State Farm said, and the odds of hitting a deer in North Dakota are 1 in 105.3. That’s slightly lower than last year, when North Dakota motorists faced 1 in 104 odds of hitting a deer.

State Farm uses claims data and state licensed-driver counts from the Federal Highway Administration to calculate the odds of hitting a deer.

For the sixth consecutive year, West Virginia topped the list with odds of 1 in 40, compared with 1 in 48 last year. South Dakota moved from third to second, with odds of 1 in 68.

Minnesota dropped from sixth to eighth — a good thing, if you’re a motorist or a deer — with odds of 1 in 79.7. Iowa weighed in at third, with odds of 1 in 71.9, Michigan fourth at 1 in 72.4 and Pennsylvania rounding out the top five with odds of 1 in 76.

Hawaii is the least likely place to hit a deer, with odds of only 1 in 6,801.