Check Out The DNR Fishcam Live From The Minnesota State Fair

If you’ve ever been to the Minnesota State Fair, you’ve probably spent a few minutes checking out the fish pond at the Department of Natural Resources building. The pond is filled with Minnesota fish ranging from sturgeon to walleyes.

Fish of all kinds can be seen Thursday morning on the live “fish cam” set up in the DNR fish pond at the Minnesota State Fair.

This year, thanks to an underwater camera provided by Marcum Technologies, the DNR is offering a state fair webcam live from the fish pond.

I checked out the webcam earlier this morning and a quick look revealed gar, walleyes, paddlefish, largemouth bass, bowfin (also known as dogfish), carp, muskies, catfish and even a lake trout.

The fishcam is as close to the state fair as I’m going to get this year, but the “Great Minnesota Get-Together” continues through Labor Day weekend. Checkout the DNR webcam for yourself on the DNR website. A video of DNR fisheries crews stocking the pond is available here.