Kestrel Chicks To Be Banded Thursday

Five kestrels have hatched in a nesting box at the Agassiz Valley Water Resources Management Project near Warren, Minn. PKM Electric Cooperative installed 10 of the nesting boxes this spring.

Aaron Wall, a sixth-grade teacher at Warren-Alvarado-Oslo school, photographed these newly hatched kestrel chicks Monday. The chicks are scheduled to be banded Thursday.

Heidi Hughes, manager of the adjacent Audubon Center of the Red River Valley, said this morning in an email that the kestrel chicks will be banded at 11 a.m. Thursday. Tim Driscoll, director of the Urban Raptor Research Project, will be banding the chicks. Driscoll recently banded the three peregrine falcon chicks that hatched on the UND water tower and also has banded numerous Cooper’s hawks in Grand Forks.

Hughes said students from the Warren-Alvarado-Oslo school also will be on hand to witness Thursday’s banding. It should be a great opportunity for the students to get a first-hand look at the process and the newly hatched chicks.

And if you’ve never been to the Audubon Center near Warren, put it on your list. For more information, contact Hughes at (218) 745-5663 or click here: