NWS Site Offers Updated Wind-wave Forecasts

Few things can throw a wrench into a day on the water more than wind, especially on big lakes.

With fishing now in full swing across the region, the National Weather Service office in Grand Forks has resumed its “Lake Wind-Wave Forecast” website. The site offers wind and wave forecasts for Lake of the Woods, Devils Lake and Upper Red Lake. The forecasts are presented as a series of maps for each of the lakes in three-hour increments covering the next two days.

The maps show projected wind speeds, in knots, along with forecasted wave heights. For anglers and boaters, the wind-wave maps can be an invaluable tool for determining where and when to minimize the impact of wind and waves. Smart-phone users with Internet access even can call up the maps on the water.

The forecasts usually are updated four times a day.

To check out the wind-wave forecasts for each of the three lakes, click here: