Conference Committee OKs Hike In Hunting, Fishing License Fees

A House-Senate conference committee in the Minnesota Legislature has approved a modest increase in hunting and fishing license fees.

The measure, which is included in HF2171, the Omnibus Game and Fish Bill, now must go to the full House and Senate for approval.

The Senate had included the fee hike in its version of the bill, a broad-based piece of outdoors legislation, but the fee increase wasn’t part of the House bill, and the House earlier this week refused to concur with the Senate amendment and requested a conference committee reconcile the differences.

Here’s a look at some of the fee increases that will occur if the committee’s report ultimately passes:

Resident fishing: $22, up from current price of $17.

Resident hunting: $15.50, up from $12.50.

Resident firearms deer: $30, up from $26.

Nonresident fishing: $40, up from $37.50.

Nonresident hunting: $90.50, up from $73.

Nonresident firearms deer: $160, up from $135.

Don Davis of Forum Communications’ State Capitol Bureau in St. Paul has filed a story on the compromise bill that you’ll find on the Herald’s website. To view the full conference committee report on HF2171, click here: