Online Petition Aims To Bring Awareness To The Badlands

An outdoor recreation enthusiast from Dickinson, N.D., has launched an online petition drive to bring awareness to the impact the state’s oil boom is having on recreation, tourism, wildlife and agriculture.

Marc Landblom said the petition drive is necessary because too little is being done to protect the Badlands and other public lands. The impact of the oil boom, he said, has been a “disaster” for North Dakota’s wild places.

“Oil wells are being placed near campgrounds, on top of the Maah Daah Hey Trail and near the National Park boundaries,” Landblom said. “Wildlife is being pushed around or out of their habitats and being replaced by well locations, roads, substations, etc.

“I realize that I sound like a tree hugger. But this is the truth.”

Landblom said the petition has attracted attention across the state and even led him to Washington, where he addressed the issue on Capitol Hill.

“It has caught the attention of a few outdoor and recreation groups and brought them together to address the issues locally,” Landblom said of the petition. “And it has allowed individuals to stand up and speak out in defense of our public lands. But there are still many people in the state that don’t know about the petition.”

If you’re interested in signing the petition, click here:

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  1. Much of this is disturbance is here already and to stay. We need to advocate and solicit the oil industry to do some more good things now that the lands have been disturbed. Support the wildlife groups that are working to do this right now with the NDPC and the key players in the Bakken.

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