BoatUS Releases Annual Top 10 List Of Best Boat Names

I’ve never thought my 16-foot Crestliner was big enough to warrant a name, but many boat owners have creative monikers for their boats.

Consider this news release from the Boat Owners Association of the United States:

“A boat name reflects the life and loves of the owner,” Occoless Trotter of the BoatUS boat graphics department in Alexandria, Va., said in the news release. “But, it’s hard to sum it all up with just a few words.”

BoatUS this week released its 22nd annual Top 10 list of boat names. They are:

1.  Seas the Day.

2.  Nauti Buoy.

3.  Aquaholic.

4.  Dream Weaver.

5.  Pegasus.

6.  Serenity Now.

7.  Second Wind.

8.  Liquid Asset.

9.  Miss Behavin’.

10. Blew ByYou.

My favorite is Serenity Now, which originated from an episode of “Seinfeld.”

To see the Top 10 list of boat names for the past 22 years as well as a list of more than 8,000 boat names, click here: