Grooming Set For Greenway Ski Trails

I was surprised this morning when I opened the front door and was greeted by the sight of fresh snow. I was at a wolf meeting Thursday night in Roseau, Minn., and there was no sign of a pending snowstorm when I got back to Grand Forks after midnight.

I’m not sure how much snow fell, but it must have been 2 to 3 inches. That’s fine by me.

The snow also is good news for country skiers. Greenway specialist Kim Greendahl sent out an email this morning saying the cross-country ski trails from Riverside Dam to 47th Avenue south and Lincoln Drive Park will be groomed for the weekend.

“Snow conditions may not be ideal but we’re making the best of it!” the email said.

Here’s a listing of access points for the ski trails. Just look for the blue signs with the skier symbol and you’ve found the route.

Riverside Dam parking lot.

Riverside Parking northern parking lot.

7th Avenue north.

Lower parking lot north of DeMers Avenue (turn north off DeMers

Avenue and follow to the lower parking lot).

Kannowski Park (go over the levee to access trail).

Lincoln Drive Park.

Lincoln Golf club house (trail starts on the other side of the club

house and paved trail).

Elmwood access (just off 32nd Avenue south).

Sunbeam trail head (3777 Belmont Road. Go over the levee to access


47th Avenue South (go over the levee to access trail).

For more information about activities in the Greenway, click here.


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  1. John Holle

    Thanks for the info! My wife and I went out skiing for the first time after I read your post. Rented from Ski & Bike. It was a great day for it! Looks like I’m going to have to make it a habit.

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