Good Ice Fishing Reports Are Still The Norm Across The Region

Despite the unseasonably warm weather we’re having, it continues to be a great winter for ice fishing across the region.

I got my first report from Manitoba’s Lake Winnipeg yesterday, and it was a good one. Three anglers reported limiting out on “greenback” walleyes and threw back several fish, as well. “None over 27½ inches but they were fat,” was the report I got from my source. The best fishing definitely was in the early morning hours, he said.

Meanwhile, fishing on Lake of the Woods continues to be off the charts, as well. A friend who fished the big lake this past weekend ranked the trip among the top five he’s ever taken to the lake. That’s saying something, because he’s logged a lot of hours on Lake of the Woods over the years. Saugers dominated the catch, but they also caught their share of walleyes, including several 20- to 23-inch fish and a 27½-incher that took bragging rights for the weekend.

Good reports also are coming in from Devils Lake, but I haven’t heard any personal accounts from people fishing over there. One thing’s for sure — the lack of snow means getting around is a lot easier than it’s been the past couple of years. Be careful, though, especially near current areas. A friend who has a cabin near the lake said there was open water for about 200 yards on either side of the Six-Mile Bay bridge when he crossed it Sunday.