Waiting For Snow

Snowmobilers, cross-country skiing enthusiasts and others with a love for snow continue to wait for the arrival of the first significant accumulation of the white stuff.

Here in the North Country, at least, snow is conspicuous by its absence, and my snowmobiles continue to sit on the trailer waiting to be put into action.

By the sounds of things, it’s going to be at least another week.

Snowmaking efforts were in full swing Tuesday at Buena Vista Ski Area north of Bemidji.

The closest thing I’ve seen to snow in this part of the world is the photo I received Tuesday from Suzanne Thomas of Buena Vista Ski Area north of Bemidji. Despite the dearth of snow, Buena Vista is opening this weekend, thanks to the resort’s snow-making machines, and the photo Thomas sent showed the efforts to jumpstart winter are in full swing.

Ask any North Dakota wildlife manager, though, and they’ll tell you the lack of snow is a good thing for species such as deer and pheasants. After severe winters the past three years, there’s little doubt most wildlife species can use the break.

Here’s hoping for a happy medium: Enough snow to keep those of us who like snow happy, but not so much that it’s detrimental to wildlife or results in flooding threats next spring.